21 — 22 Aug 2014

Ptarmigan project rooms, Tallinn, Estonia


Presentation and panel discussion
On the evening of 21 August, Kompass will launch with presentations around the current states of Riga and Tallinn from the viewpoint of the non-institutional, not-for-profit initiative. Three presentations will be followed by a moderated discussion.

Speakers to be announced soon.

Friday afternoon is the Kompass un-conference, where all participants will self-organise presentations, discussions, or mini-workshops of their own choosing. Using the “bar camp” format, everyone is encouraged to lead a short activity focusing on their own experiences, relating to the topic, in one of Ptarmigan’s three rooms (or improvised spaces). Participants will be responsible for the content, presentations and timekeeping. Some facilities are available (projector, paper, markers and pencils, etc.)


Instant/speed workshops
The final activity of Kompass will be several concurrent “speed workshops”, which seek to covert the usual product of culture organisation meetings (endless, circular discussions) into something actual. Through our earlier activities (presentations and the un-conference), we will identify key problems and form small groups, each assigned to brainstorm possible solutions. Groups will have 40 minutes to work independently, and then their ideas will be presented to everyone. A map of new possibilities will be created from these workshops, and published as the official “report” of the Kompass event.